2020-03-24: SMACK Paracycle Road Race 2020 is cancelled!
Due to the Corona pandemic situation, closed borders and the postponed Paracympics there is no possibility to hold a competition the 17 May.
We are looking forward to possibly arrange the Road Race in 2021 instead. 

Please fill up the form below to sign up for the SMACK Paracycle Road Race 17 May 2020.
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If you can't see yourself in the list after signing-up correctly using a computer, please send an e-mail with your sign-up information to info@smack.se and we will add you to the participants list.

To add any other important information, please send an e-mail to: info@smack.se

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Signed-up participants:

First nameLast nameNationalityRace Sign-upTeamClass
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First nameLast nameNationalityRace Sign-upTeamClass